When I was researching my book (, I was surprised on how fast the television landscape was changing. I had heard that TV viewing was down, but when I reviewed the numbers from the Nielsen Three Screen Report, an analysis of video viewing and consumer behavior, it told a different story.

As I share in my book, consumers are actually spending more time in front of the screen; it’s just a different screen.  Nielsen’s 1st Quarter, 2010 Report


reveals that each week the typical American watches over 35 hours of TV, 2 hours of timeshifted TV (TIVO styled Digital Video Recorded), 20 minutes of online video, 4 minutes of mobile video, and nearly 4 hours on the Internet. In addition, 59% of Americans surf the Internet and watch TV at the same time.

This video watching world is about to change even more with original web TV series. Never heard of them? You will, because Blip TV (, which distributes ten of thousands of independent online video shows, is just one group looking at developing web shows. Blip research shows that peak viewing time has moved from daytime to evening, (8-11), so they think there is a market for original programming. Want to learn more about what people are watching? Check out Nielsen’s top rated programs.



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