In late August, my wife and I decided to replace her planned Cycle Oregon trip, with a camping trip to California. The trip started out great. But on entering Yosemite National Park, the trip turned much more interesting. An ambulance ride out of Yosemite, a week in a Modesto hospital, and then six weeks recuperating in Oregon, it’s been a new adventure. The culprit? Diverticulitis, an inflammation of small pockets located on the colon, which in my case caused a perforation (hole).

By the way, most people over 50 have these pockets (diverticulosis), but as I was told, they don’t pose any serious health issues unless they become blocked. In future posts, I’ll be sharing some insights into living in a cancer ward for a week (that was the only room they had available), but right now I just wanted to thank the many people who sent emails, calls and notes to me. I’m back, feeling good and working on new blog postings and revisions to my book for 2011.


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